The "BlissLight Spright" Is a New Alternative

Add sparkle to your year-round landscape with a BlissLight Spright. This unique new product is taking the country by storm because it is friendly to both the consumer and the environment......and it is beautiful.

Whether decorating for a summer party or the holiday season, just plug it in and point it -- the BlissLight Spright will project pin-points of light onto your trees, house and yard to provide a unique lighting effect.

Each BlissLight Spright:
  • easily illuminates trees, landscaping and outdoor entertaining areas
  • is easy to set up -- no ladder required
  • automatically compensates for voltage drop in low voltage lighting systems (works with 9v to 24v AC and 12v to 32v DC)
  • uses less power that a standard LED landscaped light and uses only a fraction of the energy of a standard incadescent landscape light
  • covers an area 25' x 25' -- replaces four standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting
  • operates in temperatures of -15 F to 90F
  • is Microprocessor controlled for intelligent operation
Available in several different colors. Just remember, few finishing touches can add more drama to your beautiful home and landscape than night lighting. Call us today for more information.

The BlissLight Spright adds a touch of class
to any environment

The soft colored lighting adds a special ambiance.

The BlissLight Spright is both economical and
easy to use.

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