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Container Growing is a gardening method with old roots but new possibilities. Stano's wide selection of garden pots and containers to match any home style or garden decor serve as a perfect stage for blooming plants and herb gardens. Container gardens are an ideal accent for porches, patios, pool sides and walkways.

Palms thrive in the Wisconsin climate during the summer.

The secret to container gardens is to use a "thriller", a "filler" and "spiller". In other words, the central plant element should be a taller, vertical one, the understory plants should be shorter and full and several lower plants should hang over or cascade from the container.

A mix of foliage and flowering plants presents a colorful arrangement which lasts from late summer through fall.

Container gardens combined with hanging baskets add color to the driveway area and provides a welcoming path to the back yard.

Hibiscus mixed with coleus and ivy create a handsome trio.

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