Greenroof Gardens

Going Green With Greenroofs
     by Matt Stano, President,
     Stano Landscaping, Inc.

As more and more property owners and businesses look for ways to help the environment and save money in the long run, greenroofs are gaining in popularity. For those who may not know exactly what a greenroof is, here is a simple definition:
    It is basically a vegetated roof cover system with growing media and plants in place of common roofing materials.
Greenroofs often feature lawn areas, fountains, walkways, and pools. Some even have sitting areas. Regardless how elaborate, however, green roofs provide a variety of benefits which typically help to:
  • absorb rainwater and reduce runoff
  • filter pollution from the water
  • prevent flooding
  • cool the air
  • reduce noise
  • reduce heating and cooling costs
  • extend the life of a roof,
    and they,
  • are pleasing to the eye
  • add green space
  • and provide a welcome habitat for birds
Since we began installing greenroofs in 2006, Stano has earned a reputation as the greenroof installation contractor in the Milwaukee area. To date, our Stano team has installed more greenroofs than any other Milwaukee landscape contractor and our list of greenroof clients keeps growing.

We're especially proud of our award-winning greenroof gardens at ProHealth Care Regional Cancer Center, the Monroe Clinic and St. Luke's Hospital. Their artful walkways and sitting areas, lush greenery, vivid blooms and panoramic views showcase the artistic qualities and beauty of greenroofs. Please join us in a short on-line tour of these gardens:

ProHealth Care Regional Cancer Center,
for which Stano Landscaping recently received the 2015 Gold Award from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors' Association in its annual competition. ProHealthcare Regional Cancer Center (Pewaukee, WI)

Monroe Clinic Greenroof Gardens, for which Stano Landscaping previously received a Gold Award from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors' Association in its annual competition. Monroe Clinic (Monroe, WI)

St. Luke's Healing Garden, for which Stano Landscaping received a Grand Award in the 40th Annual Environmental Improvement Awards Program sponsored by PLANET, the Professional Landcare Network.  
St. Luke's Healing Garden (Milwaukee)

Stano's Greenroof Portfolio

Stano's greenroof portfolio also includes:
  • University of Wisconsin School of Human Ecology (Madison)
  • Bayshore Mall (Milwaukee)
  • University Club Tower (Milwaukee )
  • River Renaissance (Milwaukee )
  • Froedert Hospital Cancer Center Greenroof (Milwaukee)
  • Mortara Instrument Greenroof (Milwaukee)
  • Eastcastle Place (Milwaukee)
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering (Milwaukee)

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