This website page focuses on Stano's redesigned approach-way to a spectacular Lake Drive home.

The completed project not only received praise, but also a Gold Award from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association.

Newly Designed Courtyard and Entry
Turns Heads on Lake Drive in Shorewood

Last summer, Stano was chosen to redesign the front entry leading up to this spectacular residence on Lake Drive. The client requested a design that respected and complimented the home's architectural style, while creating "splendor" that would cause passers-by to pause in awe.

Although budget was a factor, the client expected the end result to reflect design creativity, appropriate material choices, and superior workmanship. Stano's design called for a beautiful courtyard with a large decorative planter to accent the area.

The design concept was based on the dominant symmetry created by the architecture of the facade. Establishing a centerline-axis, a broad paver walkway set up the strong symmetry that resonates throughout the design. As one approaches the residence, the walkway broadens into a graceful, bell-shaped courtyard creating a spacious "outdoor room". Anchoring the courtyard is a spectacular feature which provides the focal-point and visual impact the owner desired.

After an exhaustive regional search, the planter was chosen for its appropriate scale, architectural style, and classic simplicity. Its style was also a factor in the selection because it 'mirrored' the decorative bowl image seen in the ornamental stone panel above the front door. The 42" diameter cast-stone planter is supported by a classic paneled pedestal.

The surrounding hardscape is constructed of gray concrete paver tiles laid in a random 3-piece pattern. A border of 6" wide thermal-top Templeton pavers creates a color and texture contrast which accentuates the graceful shapes of the design. A symmetrical series of thermal lannon steeping-stones provides additional access to adjacent lawn areas, and also compliments the border edging material.

The entire landscape design was based on classic forms, emphasizing the symmetrical design format. It features:
  • Redspire Pear trees which vertically frame the residence
  • Pyramidal boxwoods which punctuate the journey along the walkway
  • Low curving boxwood hedges which create a clean classical enclosure to the courtyard space
  • Accent shrubs and perennials provide visual color and texture
  • Splashes of vivid seasonal color spills over the planter bowl, which also serves as center-stage for holiday accents and decorations.
The project also required a complete re-grading and lawn installation of the front yard, the installation of an irrigation system for all planting beds and lawn areas, and the incorporation of landscape lighting. Uplights were put in place to accentuate the trees and planter bowl, and path lights long the walkway create a welcoming glow at night.

When completed, the project far surpassed the clients expectations, and it continues to draw many compliments and great praise.

Before and After -- Seeing is Believing

01 - Before
The existing approach to the residence was bland and unimpressive. A curving, under-stated bluestone walk had little regard for the distinct architectural symmetry of the home.

02 - Before
The existing landscape was comprised solely of bordering hedges, which had endured decades of pruning and negligence. Visual interest was non- existent.

03 - During
Hardscape construction of the walk and courtyard is shown underway. The design is based on the dominant centerline axis, respecting and enhancing the architectural symmetry of the fašade.

04 - During
The courtyard design incorporated a central focal point. After an exhaustive search for a feature with appropriate style and scale, this cast-stone pedestal is topped with a 42" diameter planter bowl.

05 - During
The formal landscape design consists of upright ornamental trees, boxwood hedges, perennial accents and groundcovers. These elements where chosen to reflect the style and grandeur of the residence.

06 - The "finished product. "
The completed project has transformed the aesthetic appeal of this residence. The design theme of symmetry and balance provides the perfect compliment to the stunning architectural details of this home.

The linear entry walk broadens into a bell-shaped courtyard as you approach the front veranda. Redspire Pears and pyramidal Boxwoods frame the view and accentuate the formal design theme.

Low boxwood hedges reflect the graceful courtyard shape. The classic pedestal and planter anchors the courtyard space, and provides a stunning stage for seasonal color and holiday decorations.

The entry walk design utilizes gray concrete tiles in a 3-piece ashler pattern. A border of 6" wide thermal lannon pavers accentuates the graceful shapes of the walk and courtyard.

As seen from the front veranda, the entry courtyard exudes classic elegance. In addition, thermal lannon stepping stones compliment the walk's border, and provide access to the adjacent lawn areas.

The courtyard planter bowl was chosen for its appropriate style and scale, but also because it 'mirrored' the decorative bowl in the ornamental stone panel located above the front door.

This Stano Landscaping design is a prime example of what landscape design and installation can to to change an ordinary landscape into a spectacular landscape. Imagine what Stano's professionals can do for your home. Call us today.

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