Greenroof Gardens

Monroe Clinic - Northwest Addition (Monroe in Southeastern Wisconsin)

Stano's green roof project on the Northwest Addition of the Monroe Clinic recently won the Gold Award in the 2012 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors' Association's annual competition.

A variety of creative landscape designs and colorful plantings came together to form creative art and tranquil settings for clinic visitors, patients and staff to enjoy. These photos show the roof areas "before" and "after," and provide a glimpse of the size and intricacy of the project:


01- This roof section is the largest of the greenroofs, and ready for pre-grown vegetated trays.

02 - The completed greenroof displays creative inter-connected circles. Each circle contains a custom mix of sedum varieties. Hundreds of vegetated trays were custom-cut to fit the circular layouts.

03 -The circular planting beds were comprised of over 6,000 SF of pre-grown vegetated trays, as well as 850 linear feet of aluminum edging, all hoisted to the roof location by crane.

04 -Color and texture variation in the sedum mixes provide unique visual interest from the windows of upper floors. The vegetated-tray installation on this greenroof was completed in four days.


05 -Located on the opposite side of the building, this smaller roof is the location of the second vegetated-tray greenroof. The theme of overlapping circles will provide visual artwork from adjacent patient rooms.

06 -A protective roof membrane and hundreds of feet of aluminum edging is installed in circular shapes. Edging and stone ballast around all roof penetrations provide an access area for maintenance personnel.

07 - With the edging completed, thousands of vegetated trays are hoisted by crane and installed by hand, one by one. Tray installation on this greenroof was completed in two days.

08 - The smaller greenroof is complete, and contains over 3,000 SF of vegetated- trays. The circular design theme, along with arced segments of stepping-stones, provides a visual artwork of shapes and movement.

09 -This view demonstrates the texture and color contrast of the two sedum mixes. Each circle contains either the blue or yellow custom-mix, and creates a dramatic view from adjacent windows.

Greenroofs require intricate planning and often specify special drainage, pavers, engineered topsoil, irrigation, and trees, shrubs, perennials and annual plantings.

Stano works hand-in-hand with area landscape architects, general contractors and roofing contractors on its greenroof projects.


10 - The third greenroof is a built-in-place intensive design, and will be accessible to patients, staff and visitors. This greenroof includes poured-in-place concrete curbing to form low, curvilinear planting beds.

11 - Hundreds of plants provide a diverse mixture of colors and textures. Complimenting the low-level planting beds, Pisa 2 wall block is used to construct circular planters for larger plants.


12 - This greenroof garden contains a tree, shrubs, perennials and accent grasses. Whether viewed from adjacent windows, or just strolling through, garden visitors are offered a soothing and tranquil environment.

13 - Cylindrical planter pots and curved redwood benches add a finishing touch. The completed garden offers a convenient oasis from the hectic and stressful surroundings of a hospital environment.

Greenroofs offer a unique opportunity for creativity. Stano began installing them in 2006, and to date has installed more greenroofs than any other Milwaukee landscape contractor. In addition to the Monroe Clinic Greenroof Gardens, Stano also takes pride in other award-winning greenroofs, including those at St. Luke's Hospital and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

As green projects continue to become a vital part of our service offerings, they fit well into Stano's overall mission established nearly 50 years ago:  BEAUTIFUL ENVIRONMENTS.

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