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"The Anatomy of a Project"

Night lighting not only adds warmth and drama to your beautiful home and landscape, its practical benefits broaden its appeal. Lighting can:
  • expand your space for entertaining.
  • showcase your home's architecture
  • spotlight your trees, shrubs and gardens
  • provide an element of safety and security
  • add a touch of class to your environment
There are several different lighting options to draw from -- spotlighting, uplighting, highlighting and more -- each ideal for a different effect.
Just remember, few finishing touches can add more drama to your beautiful home and landscape than night lighting.

Lighted trellises and shrubs accent the night landscape.

A lighted walkway and spotlighted fountain add safety and drama to the back entry.

The home's lighted patios are perfect for evening entertaining.

Uplighting -- lights the beauty of trees and architectural designs

Pond lighting adds drama.

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