Greenroof Gardens

ProHealth Care Regional Cancer Center

A large green roof project which Stano completed for ProHealth Care's new Regional Cancer Center (Pewaukee) in 2015, recently received a Gold Award from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors' Association.

The designer of this newly constructed healthcare facility had envisioned an exquisite roof-top escape for patients, staff and visitors. And Stano delivered. This unique project was both large and very complex, and centered around three distinct areas:
  • a large 2nd floor green roof for visitors
  • an enclosed interior courtyard for patients
  • a smaller 3rd floor green roof retreat for "staff-only"
During construction, both the size and location of each of these landscaped areas posed on-going logistical challenges for Stano's material deliveries. For example, all hardscape materials had to be crane-hoisted to the roof location, including pavers and pedestals, drainage matting, drainage structures, edging and ballast stone. And tons of blended topsoil, decorative stone, fieldstone boulders, stepping stones and plant material all had to be carefully hoisted into very limited space and then installed. The smaller, secondary green roof on the 3rd floor received a paver terrace, topsoiling of a large planter and flowering shrubs.

A summary of the hardscape areas further illustrates the challenge. The work project required 6,200 SF of paver tiles, each tile positioned on adjustable pedestals and installed in a non-interrupted grid pattern throughout the plaza. Pavers abutting the curvilinear seat walls necessitated hundreds of custom-cut pieces. Hundreds of feet of heavy-duty aluminum edging created a separation between the raised paver level and adjacent planting beds. The drainage system consisted of 6,400 SF of drainage panels installed in all planting bed areas, and stainless steel inspection chambers were assembled over each roof drain within the planting beds, allowing for periodic drain maintenance.

Unlike most green roofs requiring engineered soil, this project was unique in its use of blended topsoil for planting beds. The buildings structural design allowed for topsoil depths of 6 to 24 in all landscaped beds. Topsoil was crane-hoisted to the roof in 2 CY hoppers, with over 350 CY of soil installed. The deeper soil depths allowed for the use of large ever-greens, ornamental trees and flowering shrubs. Hundreds of ornamental grasses and perennials completed the landscape, including sedum-matting installed in a small section of the green roof.

Below is a photo tour of the project from start to finish:


(Before) The green roof installation was located on the 2nd floor rooftop. The roofing membrane and stone veneer seat walls were completed by others prior to our work.

(During) Paver installation is underway. Each 2'x2' paver is set on pedestals, raising the entire paver surface 10" above the roof deck. Over 6'000 SF of pavers are installed.

(During) As paver installation continues across the roof, high-strength drainage panels are installed in all planting bed areas. The panels contain water reservoirs for plants, and facilitate drainage to roof drains.

During) All green roof materials are crane-hoisted to the 2nd floor site, including pavers, edging, ballast stone, drainage mat, topsoil, plants and mulch. The project required 15 days of crane work.

The curvilinear seat walls sweep across the green roof, creating graceful lines between the paver walkways and planting areas. The fountain focal-point is surrounded by a variety of outdoor seating.

The completed project creates a beautiful, soothing environment for patients, visitors and staff. The rooftop fountain is a focal point on the green roof with splashing, flowing water.

The grid layout of the pavers is uninterrupted as it transitions from the broad, curvilinear areas to this staggered, off-set walkway to a secondary building entrance.

Winding toward another green roof entrance, this curved paver walkway is flanked by a diverse planting of perennials, ornamental grasses and sedum groundcover mat.

The project also included a trapezoidal interior courtyard viewed from surrounding windows. The installation included bands and circles of decorative stone, flagstone steppers, boulders, shade-loving accent shrubs and perennials.

This upper-level view of the completed green roof is stunning. The facilities' patients, staff and visitors are provided the perfect escape to relax, reflect, and heal.

Greenroofs offer a unique opportunity for creativity. Stano began installing them in 2006, and to date has installed more greenroofs than any other Milwaukee landscape contractor. In addition to the award-winning Green Roof at the ProHealth Care Cancer Center, Stano also takes pride in other award-winning greenroofs, at the Monroe Clinic, St. Luke's Hospital and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

As green projects continue to become a vital part of our service offerings, they fit well into Stano's overall mission established more than 50 years ago:  BEAUTIFUL ENVIRONMENTS.

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