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      Rain Gardens

Colorful rain gardens add much to the look of a home and neighborhood. Their beauty and function make them an attractive investment.

Rain Gardens Defined

A rain garden is a specially-designed garden planted in a shallow depression that receives storm water; it is planted with deep rooted native vegetation such as wildflowers, prairie grasses and perennials.

If you are considering a rain garden for your home, you'll be glad to know that rain gardens:

  • Provide habitat for birds and butterflies
  • Help reduce water runoff into city sewers
  • Use little or no pesticides
  • Filter pollutants and replenish ground water

A rain garden can be small or large, simple or elaborate. Stano has been planting rain gardens for a number of years. Recent concerns about the environment have caused a gain in their popularity. For more information, call Stano at (414) 358-1800

Stano's Rain Garden Portfolio

Stano's rain garden portfolio includes:
  • Miller Brewing Company
  • Private residences around Milwaukee

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