This website page showcases Stano's total landscape makeover for a residence in Wauwatosa.

The project, which involved a complete site renovation, received a Silver Award from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association.

Complete Landscape Site Renovation
Dramatically Transforms Tosa Residence

Overgrown landscaping, deteriorating hardscapes and a large home addition at this Wauwatosa residence created a need for a full landscape renovation....and a challenging project for Stano Landscaping.

The homeowners, realizing the extent and scope of the project, allowed a generous and appropriate budget for a complete overhaul. In the end, it became an award-winning landscape that both Stano and the homeowners are proud of.

Every existing site element was removed, with the exception of select shade and ornamental trees. The hardscape construction included a large, curved retaining wall in the rear yard, creating a level upper-area adjacent to the home's rear door. This upper-area was utilized for an expansive paver patio to accommodate seating, lounging, family entertaining and grilling activities. Two sets of lannon stone steps transitioned the elevation change from the rear door to the patio level, and from patio to lower lawn area. A circular fire pit was constructed in the lower rear yard, providing an additional venue for family gathering.

Lannon stone from an existing wall on the site was re-purposed to construct an additional retaining wall on the home's east side to support utility units. Hardscaping was continued into the front yard with a gently curving paver walkway connecting the home's front door to the driveway and secondary service door. A new concrete driveway was constructed to correct pervasive drainage issues and complete the finished look. Additionally, an elegant cedar fence panel was constructed adjacent to the garage to provide a simple, effective screen for garbage container storage.

A tranquil stepping-stone pathway was installed on the east side of the site, giving the homeowner a route from the rear yard to the front, as well as access to utility equipment.

Landscaping included the redesign of bedlines, creating graceful, curvilinear planting beds and sweeping lawn areas. A linear berm was created along the rear property line, where large spruce were used to screen adjacent neighbors.

With portions of the site heavily shaded, plant materials were carefully selected to maximize plant variety and performance. Groupings of yew and boxwood shrubs offered evergreen interest, while masses of viburnums, hydrangeas, diervilla and stephanandra punctuated the landscape with diverse textures, forms and colors. Shady areas were brightened with drifts of perennials such as astilbe, hosta, ligularia and lady's mantle, while the occasional sunny locations were blanketed with daylilies, wild geranium and coralbells.

The completed project dramatically transformed the aesthetics and functionality of this residential property, and was met with ecstatic praise and satisfaction from the client.

Before and After Photos -- See the Dramatic Difference

(Before) The existing rear yard was a collection of old lannon walls, outcroppings and neglected landscaping. A large home addition created challenges with elevations, site access and functional outdoor space.

(After) The completed project includes a front paver walkway, reshaped planting beds and lawn areas. Landscaping consists of a blend of evergreens, low flowering shrubs, colorful perennials and groundcover.

A curvilinear paver walkway creates a welcoming entrance to the home, connecting the driveway, service entrance and front door entry at far right.

The patio area was positioned to be easily accessible from the rear door. A series of lannon stone steps transition the elevation changes between the home, patio and rear yard level.

Lush plantings of Viburnum, Diervilla, Hosta, Geranium and Daylilies envelope the patio area, providing a rich pallet of textures, forms and colors.

Low shrubs and perennials border a curving stepping-stone pathway that provides access on the home’s east side. A lannon stone retaining wall supports existing utility equipment.

This Stano Landscaping design shows how a complete landscape makeover can dramatically change the look and function of a home's outdoor space. Imagine what Stano's professionals can do for your home. Call us today.

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